Wedding season is in full bloom for planners not just for planning and coordination of weddings but also the planning and coordination of marriage proposals.


Yes! This is engagement season and we at EEDP want to assist you on this journey to express how much you love your special person. When deciding on how to propose the possibilities are endless. Keep in mind that if your mate loves you, no matter what you do they will love it! Now of course, you must do a little extra to really make it a memorable event.

Let’s go shopping for a ring!!!! Knowing your mates style is very important as you need to know what kind of ring you want to propose with. Be observant of cut, style, stone/band colors that would be of interest to them. First clue, (check out the style jewelry that they wear now.) Schedule a meeting with a few jewelers to view their ring selections. Payment options are available at most jewelry stores, be sure to see what they offer so you can financially prepare to have the ring ready for the big reveal to your mate.
Once you have chosen the ring, this would be a good time to discuss your intent to your mates’ parents and/or to the person who raised them. This would give you further confirmation of their acceptance of you and your impending union with their loved one. This could be an informal meeting at their home or you could take them out for lunch/dinner to discuss your intent. Old school? It could be, but it is a great way to score points with your future in-laws.

Let’s set the date to ENGAGE! Does it have to be a holiday? Does it have to be at a destination location? Holidays are popular for engagements but if you want to stand a part, it would be nice to have it at a place and time that they would least expect.
The options are limitless but whatever you choose it needs to be memorable to the both of you. Proposal ideas:
1. First place you went for your date
2. First place you went together on vacation
3. At the parent’s home
4. At an intimate location with just the two of you
5. A party for something else but it is really an engagement party for the both of you

Remember the Engagement is your event that starts the journey for the both you…forever.