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Tracey Smith - Senior Certified Wedding Planner

Born in the Caribbean, on her native island of Trinidad & Tobago, West Indies, Tracey Perriera was the first born of three children,
and the only daughter of a single mother. As a child Tracey was always interested in being creative and finding ways to make any room look beautiful.
She migrated to the United States in 1988, married Anthony R. Smith, Sr. in 2002 and moved to Florida in 2004.

Tracey began working for Florida A&M University’s College of Law in Orlando in 2006, became a full-time employee of the school and attended the University of Phoenix receiving her Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management, with a concentration in Marketing in 2008.
After 5 years her entrepreneurial spirit took root and in 2010, took the plunge into her own business.
It worked out to be the best move she ever made. She kept producing decor and design for events and weddings, following her dream.

However, it was after a visit from a friend in 2010, that her passion found purpose. She quickly enrolled and studied at the Event Decorating Academy in Miami to become professionally Certified, as an Event Designer. She graduated in 2011 and immediately found herself as a Decorating Teaching Assistant with the school, traveling from state to state. Enchanting Event Designs & Planning was founded in May 2011, working from her home office.
Tracey got her first location in 2013 in Orlando and quickly found out that location was a major key to having a successful business.
In 2013 Tracey won an award for the Most Outstanding Booth at the Beautiful Brides Bridal Expo at the International Palms Hotel.
In 2014, she got her certification as an Event/Wedding Planner and this really opened doors for her.
In September of 2014, Enchanting Event Designs & Planning (EEDP), relocated to their present location.

In 2014, Tracey attended her first African American Chamber of Commerce event, at the Cox Media Group's Studio and as she walked through the door, she saw a familiar face “Lena Graham” and knew it was where she needed to be and joined immediately.
Currently, Tracey belongs to a few Chambers and has seen the worth of being a member.
In May of 2015 EEDP won another award for the Most Outstanding Booth at the Beautiful Brides Bridal Expo at the B-Resort.
To begin the 2016 year off with a bang is an understatement, in the past two weeks Enchanting Event Designs & Planning
was also named the Wedding Planner 2015 by,
the 2016 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award Winner and to our surprise and delight,
by being a member of African American Chamber of Commerce, was nominated and a finalist, for the 2016 Eagle Award for Emerging Business of the Year.

“Along the way, I’ve had many great mentors. I’ve learned so much and I continuously learn something every day, whether it’s about myself , or about the business. My greatest mentor is my mom. She gave everything of herself to make sure we had everything we wanted and needed. She's worked so hard all her life and I had to find a way to make sure that she didn’t have to worry about anything. Just live a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable life. God made that happen for me."

"Planning and designing any type of event is not and has never been work to me.
Sure getting it all together at times can be very challenging, but, it’s my passion. I love the look on people’s faces when they think of an idea,
or think their vision is crazy and impossible. Seeing their smiles when it all comes to life, that “WOW” factor is very gratifying. I LOVE WHAT I DO.”

"Do dreams come true?, YES THEY DO! I Believed it, Spoke it, Dreamt it, had Faith and its Manifesting Positively!
Having faith in God, the support of my husband, Anthony and my mother, have all been such an integral part of this business working for me.
I owe so much to them. I have a PHENOMENAL TEAM and I’m excited with regards to what the future holds for all of us at Enchanting Event Designs & Planning."

Enchanting Events don’t just happen…….THEY’RE PLANNED

• 2013 Most Outstanding Booth at the Beautiful Brides Bridal Expo at the International Palms Hotel
• 2015 Most Outstanding Booth at the Beautiful Brides Bridal Expo at the B-Resort
• 2015 Wedding Planner for
• 2016 WeddingWire Couple’s Choice Award Winner
• 2016 Eagle Award Finalist for Emerging Business of the Year